Sunday, February 10, 2013

Upcycled Play Ideas

If anyone asks me what my sons favorite toy is, I would say that it has to be his wooden ramp. He has spent hours and hours rolling every car, truck, and motorcycle that we own down it. Where did we get the ramp? It was a left over piece of wood sitting in Grandpa's garage. It was sanded down to avoid splinters. This ramp has provided daily excitement for my son for many, many months for the cost of nothing.

Here are some more pictures of the ramp set up in our home:

My son has learned how to place items so that they are balanced and roll down the center of the board. He enjoys watching each item roll down the ramp one by one.

Other upcycled play items we use ALL of the time are different sized cardboard tubes. If you cannot find a large tube, you can simply use the tube from a wrapping paper roll or a paper towel roll. My son absolutely loves rolling balls, small cars, and pom poms through the tubes. See photos:

Through play so much can be learned. The picture below shows my son using trial and error to figure out which cars will fit through the tube. He has fun trying to figure this out. It is a great activity:

These toys have been a great way to keep my son engaged and entertained during the recent blizzard. With over two feet of snow outside, he has been occupied for no extra cost. Upcycling can lead to so many exciting and creative play activities. 



  1. Cardboard tubes are the best! My husband has gotten a couple really big ones with umbrellas he's ordered, and they're well-loved around here. I should look into getting him a good ramp like that, maybe outside to tempt him out of the house.

  2. At a flooring store I was given all the thick cardboard tubes I could use!! for Free!!:) with the invitation to stop back even