Sunday, February 17, 2013

DIY Toddler Velcro Puzzle

This was one of the first "toys" I ever made for my son. When he was just a year old, I wanted to create something for him to experience the pull and sound of Velcro. I came up with this puzzle. I found all of the items to make the puzzle at Michaels craft store. The puzzle pieces I chose to use are large, soft foam stamps. I simply attached Velcro to the back of each stamp and onto a lightweight cookie sheet. I traced an outline of each stamp onto the cookie sheet with permanent marker so that my son could figure out where each piece fits just like a puzzle.

I can remember my son bringing me this puzzle over and over to play with daily. To this day, he still shows interest in playing with this puzzle. He just loves how the pieces attach and how they sound when they are detached from the cookie sheet. I found that the size of the large and lightweight foam shapes were perfect for his little hands.

This was a fun project to create. Of course, you could easily buy a puzzle, but I find that nothing compares to creating a special one-of-a-kind toy for your child to enjoy. It is so special and rewarding for me to see my son having a great time playing with something I created just for him.


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