Sunday, February 24, 2013

Ocean Sensory Bin Play

Recently, my son has shown a huge interest in the ocean and creatures that live in the ocean. I decided to make him a new ocean sensory bin. I purchased all of the materials that I included in the bin from the dollar store.

Here is what I included:
clear water beads, colorful glass beads, colorful sequin mix, glow in the dark ocean creature mix, one large shell to scoop and pour with (I made sure there were no sharp edges)

My son loves the feel of the water beads in his hands. He also likes when I go through and name all of the creatures in the bin. Instead of including a cup, I showed my son how to scoop and pour with the shell. This sensory bin would work wonderfully on a light table as well.



  1. This is really cute! I like the idea of the ocean theme

  2. Thanks Karen! The ocean creatures were supposed to glow in the dark but they didn't work too well. It still was fun for him to play with anyways. :)