Monday, February 4, 2013

Identifying Numbers, Ordering Numbers, and Counting Numbers- A DIY Assortment of Math Activities

Besides working on our ABC's, I have been trying new math activities with my son at home. In the above picture, my son was working on identifying numbers. The activity is to match the number on the card with the number on the bowl. This is a simple introduction to number recognition. It was so easy and inexpensive to create as well! The pack of cards was $1 at the dollar store and I had the bowls in the kitchen.

The above photo shows an easy ordering numbers activity. I used a plastic kitchen spoon and a pool/fun noodle I had from the summer. I cut the noodle into pieces to make counting beads. The result was a great activity for his little hands to easily manipulate and learn from as he ordered the numbered beads onto the spoon. When I thought my son was ready to order numbers past 5, I had him string 10 noodle beads onto a piece of ribbon in order. I made a knot and a bow at the end of the ribbon so that the beads would stay on. See the below photo:

Another inexpensive idea for teaching numeration is to use clothespins and a bucket. It is so much fun for children to manipulate objects for the love of learning. I created another number ordering activity for my son with these items and simply numbered the clothespins. He takes the pins from the center of the bucket and pins them to the bucket in number order. This was a fun activity for him. See the photo of the activity below:

There are of course so many items that can be used to learn counting. I set up an activity for my son to use pom poms and craft sticks as counters. He starts with pom poms then counts a second time with craft sticks. I wrote a number in each bowl for him to match to the counters. This is obviously a more complex math activity that we are still working on grasping since my son is 2 1/2. See the below photo:

All of the math activities shown here cost little to no extra money. There are so many different ways to create quality math activities at home on a budget. The most important part of these activities is that my son has fun doing them. That is the most rewarding aspect too and exactly why I create learning activities for him. 



  1. Simple and fun ideas. Love it. I just added this post to my Math Fun board. We will have to try some of these real soon.

  2. Love the pool noodle math activities. Great idea! Thanks for sharing. Hope to see you at True Aim!