Monday, April 29, 2013

Building Name With Lettered Blocks

This was such an easy learning activity to put together. I purchased these letter stickers in the clearance section of TJ Maxx. I decided to stick them onto my sons mega blocks so that he could practice building his name by putting the blocks together. After putting the stickers on the blocks, I mixed them up and helped my son build his name. This is a fun and very inexpensive learning activity to do with toddlers.


Simple Rainy Day Play Idea

Make a tape road! Fun for driving cars on or practicing balancing skills.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Bubble Refill Station

Found this idea on Pinterest and decided to create our own. I purchased the plastic drink dispenser at CVS Pharmacy in the seasonal section, filled it will bubble solution, and we created our own bubble refill station:

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Number Recognition & Number Ordering Toddler Tray - Great Fine Motor Practice!

Here is another number learning activity for toddlers. I found these paper numbers in the stationary section of CVS Pharmacy. They worked perfectly on the tray because they are sticky on the back. I purchased the clothespins from the Dollar Tree. For this activity, I numbered the clothespins 1-10 and mixed them up in the center of the tray. My son had the task of trying to correctly identify and attach each clothespin next to the correct number. This is great fine motor practice as well. It is a challenging task for little hands to learn to correctly manipulate clothespins. This is another easy set-up and a very inexpensive activity to put together. Great learning fun!
Here he is in action (with a little help from momma this time)...


Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Toddler Tray Activity - Sorting Small, Medium, & Large Objects

Here is an inexpensive toddler tray activity that focuses on sorting objects by size. These styrofoam balls were such a hit with my son! They are sold in bags with three sizes of balls at the Dollar Tree. I also found this plastic tray there with three sections and figured these items would work perfectly together. The result was a great toddler activity to teach small, medium, and large through sorting. My son really enjoyed this activity. This cost around $3 to create and it was so worth it. My son even ended up playing with the styrofoam balls beyond this activity all day long. By the end of the day these styrofoam balls were found all around the house!
Here he is in action:

Monday, April 22, 2013

Pom Pom Color Matching Activity

Here is a simple and inexpensive color matching activity. I purchased the plastic egg tray and bag of pom poms at the Dollar Tree. This activity cost a little over $2 to create. My son was immediately drawn to the array of colors when I introduced the tray. He also loves anything where pom poms are involved. This activity was a hit! So simple and fun, yet this requires toddlers to focus and use their critical thinking skills. Definitely worth the $2!
Activity complete:

Friday, April 19, 2013

Just For Fun...

There is no better toy than a huge cardboard box! We are using it as a house at the end of our tunnel. Just wanted to share...


Love this...

Toddler Tray - Scooping & Pouring With Dry Beans, Rice & Corn

My son loves scooping and pouring anything in sensory bins. I decided to create an activity where he could do this on a smaller scale. I made a toddler tray and used items that would be noisy when he dropped them into the pan. At first he jumped, but then he realized he liked how noisy the beans, rice and corn were and he laughed as he played. My son enjoyed this activity and he was occupied for a quite a while. It was interesting to see how he played with this tray:

The result: