Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Toddler Tray Activity - Sorting Small, Medium, & Large Objects

Here is an inexpensive toddler tray activity that focuses on sorting objects by size. These styrofoam balls were such a hit with my son! They are sold in bags with three sizes of balls at the Dollar Tree. I also found this plastic tray there with three sections and figured these items would work perfectly together. The result was a great toddler activity to teach small, medium, and large through sorting. My son really enjoyed this activity. This cost around $3 to create and it was so worth it. My son even ended up playing with the styrofoam balls beyond this activity all day long. By the end of the day these styrofoam balls were found all around the house!
Here he is in action:


  1. Great idea - and so simple! Hopping over from Stress-Free Sunday.

  2. Thank you Georgina! So simple AND so inexpensive to create! That's the beauty! ;)

  3. Thanks for linking this to Tuesday Tots. Just letting you know that I've featured it this week on Learn with Play at home. Look forward to seeing more from you next week. Cheers, Debs :)