Monday, April 22, 2013

Pom Pom Color Matching Activity

Here is a simple and inexpensive color matching activity. I purchased the plastic egg tray and bag of pom poms at the Dollar Tree. This activity cost a little over $2 to create. My son was immediately drawn to the array of colors when I introduced the tray. He also loves anything where pom poms are involved. This activity was a hit! So simple and fun, yet this requires toddlers to focus and use their critical thinking skills. Definitely worth the $2!
Activity complete:


  1. Hi, I am stopping by from Hip Homeschool Moms and this post (and many of your others) would make a great addition to the month long link up - Look What We Did - hosted by HammockTracks. I hope you'll consider sharing your creative ideas there. I am sure that the readers will enjoy it.

  2. Thank you Savannah! I'd love to share my activities on your link up. Heading over now! :)

  3. Thanks for linking to Look What We Did. I have featured this activity in a unit study I created today.