Thursday, April 25, 2013

Number Recognition & Number Ordering Toddler Tray - Great Fine Motor Practice!

Here is another number learning activity for toddlers. I found these paper numbers in the stationary section of CVS Pharmacy. They worked perfectly on the tray because they are sticky on the back. I purchased the clothespins from the Dollar Tree. For this activity, I numbered the clothespins 1-10 and mixed them up in the center of the tray. My son had the task of trying to correctly identify and attach each clothespin next to the correct number. This is great fine motor practice as well. It is a challenging task for little hands to learn to correctly manipulate clothespins. This is another easy set-up and a very inexpensive activity to put together. Great learning fun!
Here he is in action (with a little help from momma this time)...



  1. That's great that your son knows how to use a clothespin already! My 3 year old just got the hang of it :) Thanks for linking up at Tender Moments with Toddlers & Preschoolers!

  2. Hi Angela! Actually this was an activity where mommy helped out a lot! He is still learning to use those clothespins. BTW I love your site and enjoy linking up with you each week. :) Thanks for visiting!