Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Toddler Bottle Cap Activity

I'm always trying to figure out what kind of activity I can create for my son with any large box I have saved at home. I also save caps from bottles and containers. I decided to use them along with a large coffee box I had saved to create a toddler bottle cap drop activity. The result was a great fine motor toddler activity that I modified for my son as he grew older.

The first way I used this box was with one size of caps. I cut an opening in the box that was the same size of the caps and he simply pushed the caps into the slot. He loved watching and listening to the caps drop into the box. When this seemed to get too easy for my son, I created a second way to play with the box. I used bottle and container caps of different sizes and added more openings to the box. My son had a great time figuring out which caps fit correctly into each slot. This was an easy activity that cost no extra money to create. It is amazing how often I find that trash can easily be turned into treasured play experiences as shown in the two pictures above.


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