Friday, February 1, 2013

Upcycle That Paper Towel Roll Into a Counting Activity

This activity was a huge hit with my son! I created a counting activity by simply upcycling a paper towel roll. It was so simple to cut the roll into ten pieces to make ten counting rings. I let my son use the paper towel holder from our kitchen to stack the rings and count. The result was a great number sequencing activity that even works on fine motor skills. The best part...I did not have to spend any extra money to create it!

Putting the number rings in order is still a work in progress for my son, but he loves doing this activity. The smile on his face in the picture shows how proud he was when all of the rings were added to the holder. My son also really enjoys dumping the rings off of the holder when the activity is complete.   

He goes to this activity everyday! Here he is in action again:

There are so many ways to upcycle paper towel rolls into amazing activities for children. Think twice before throwing them away...I always do now!


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  1. What a great idea! I have been looking for Kansas City activities for my kids to do over the summer. I think I may have to write this down on the short list. Thanks so much for this great activity!