Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Count & Match Number Activity

I have been showing my son these number flash cards for a couple of weeks. I found the inexpensive pack at CVS in the toy section. My son seemed to really enjoy pointing out each group of pictures when I asked him where they were on the cards. For example, I would say, "Where are the eight triangles?" and he would point or hand me the correct card. The other day when I went to Stop N Shop, I spotted these great, colorful magnetic numbers and decided to create a basic count and match number activity for my son. Although most of this activity was guided because he is still learning to recognize numbers, my son seemed to really enjoy this activity today. He even wanted to complete the activity a couple of times in a row.

Here he is in action:

Complete! He was so proud of himself!

I'm confident that as my son keeps on doing this activity with my guidance, he will start to eventually recognize the numbers in the bowl on his own. This was another inexpensive learning activity that was so easy to create. I just love praising him when he completes any activity and seeing the sense of accomplishment and pride that he gains. Being involved in learning can be so much fun for toddlers!


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