Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Upcycling Egg Cartons For Color Matching Games

Once you start upcycling, or converting waste products into something of better value, you will think twice about throwing anything away. That is what happened to me with egg cartons. There are probably thousands of creative ways to reuse them. My son loves any activity involving pom poms, so I created a color matching game using egg cartons and pom poms. As shown in the above photo, I colored in each space with a marker and left pom poms to match on the inside top of the carton. The result was a great color matching activity to keep my son busy, engaged, and thinking.

The second photo shows another option when using pom poms and a smaller egg carton. The activity is shown completed. I simply lined up one row of pom pom colors and left the second row empty for my son to match the colors.

Since the cartons are upcycled, all I needed to do was to purchase a bag of pom poms at the dollar store. This is another example of an inexpensive, simple activity to create for children. It is so easy to close the carton with the pom poms inside and keep it on a shelf anytime my son wants to play with it.


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  1. Love the idea. we used it in our home pre school. I added a link to my facebook preschool page :) Thanks. www.facebook.com/dawnsdesings22