Tuesday, January 22, 2013

DIY Grouping Shapes Activity - This Cost $4 Total To Create!

I began teaching my son shapes by playing an I-spy flash card game. I knew he was ready for a hands on activity involving shapes once he was able to recognize them. So, I went to my local dollar store and created this activity for a total of $4. I purchased the party tray, a pack of flash cards, and two bags of foam shapes. I glued down a card in each section and put a mix of shapes into the middle section. I was amazed by how quickly my son picked up on how to group shapes to complete this activity.

I introduced this activity by putting one example of each shape in each section. Eventually, my son was able to complete this activity on his own. My son has fun with this learning activity and he is so proud of himself when he puts the shapes into the correct section. I always praise him for his effort and great work, which makes him smile as he plays and learns.

It is so amazing and very exciting as an educator, and as a mommy on a budget, what can be created by shopping at a dollar store. I am thrilled to share this activity because of its huge educational value at such a low cost. 


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