Saturday, January 26, 2013

DIY Alphabet Learning Board

My son is starting to show an interest in learning letters so I created an alphabet board for him. I found the large board shown in the photo at Michaels craft store. I love this board because it is magnetic and dry-erase. I glued flash cards onto the board that I purchased for $1 at Michaels. I also found a great deal at TJ Maxx on the Melissa & Doug magnetic letters shown in the photo. This activity was so easy to create. Typically, I don't like to spend this much money on DIY learning activities, but I knew this was a great learning tool that would really benefit my son for years to come.

This board has three levels of learning activities. Since my son is two years old, he uses this board on its most basic level by matching each uppercase magnetic letter to the correct card. We also practice saying letters and the words on each card. He has a lot of fun playing this letter matching activity and I love that he is being introduced to the alphabet and letter sounds as he plays.

The second way this board can be used is shown in the above photo. The magnetic Melissa and Doug letter box also came with lowercase letters. When my son is a little older he can practice matching both capital and lowercase letters to each card. This is such a great activity for letter recognition. 

The third way this board can be used is for letter writing practice. Since this is also a dry-erase board, I left room underneath each card so that my son can practice writing letters when he is ready. He can use the letters on the cards as an example of how to form each letter correctly.

*If you are looking to save money and create this letter matching activity board, simply purchase a large oil drip pan used for cars at Walmart or from an auto store. Also, this activity can be created in a smaller version with a cookie sheet and an alphabet strip. Oil drip pans and cookie sheets are magnetic! Otherwise, use a coupon for the board at Michaels craft store, which are very easy to find, as I did. 

This board has so many play-based learning activities all in one. This is a great, easy, and fun learning tool to hang up on the wall in a bedroom or playroom. It is so exciting to watch your child learn as they play!



  1. What a Neat idea! I am always looking for fun, easy, and cheap things to add to our schooling. In fact, recently, I discovered the internet's massive amount of freebie learning sites, it's unreal. I swear my son knows how to work the computer better than my husband now lol!
    This is his Favorite ~>
    Anyways, Thanks for sharing :)

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