Tuesday, January 22, 2013

DIY Color Recognition & Sorting Learning Activities

There are so many different and inexpensive ways to create exciting color learning activities for your child. In the above photo, I set up a "toddler tray" for my son to explore. I used a cookie sheet as the tray, tupperware that I purchased at the dollar store, and brought out pom poms that I had been using for another activity. Within each tupperware bin, I put a cut out of a circle of construction paper. I challenged my son to match the pom poms to the correct bin. I was surprised by the result. What I thought might be a difficult concept of sorting, turned out to be a simple yet enjoyable task for him. We would also say the names of each color as he was playing and learning.

This color sorting activity can easily be created by simply using a cupcake tray and pom poms as well. Simply put one pom pom of each color in each section to get your child started. This is a great learning activity that works on critical thinking and organizational skills for the cost of next to nothing at all!

The above photo shows another color sorting activity I set up for my son. I purchased a pack of flash cards for $1 at Michaels craft store and found crayons to match the colors on the cards. My son really enjoyed matching the crayon to the correct crayon picture. He put the crayon on top of the picture to complete the activity.

Using craft sticks is another way to teach sorting by color as seen above. I was so excited to find these different colored bins at the dollar store. I happened to have craft sticks that match the colors of the bins. I purchased the craft sticks from Michaels craft store. This is another inexpensive toddler tray matching and sorting activity.

My son really enjoyed the activity in the above photo for months and months. I simply upcycled a shoe box, poked holes in it, and purchased some colorful large straws. I set up one side with different colored straws and had my son match the colored straws on the other side. This is a great activity that works on fine motor and critical thinking skills for the price of a pack of straws.

Have fun teaching colors and the concept of sorting with your little ones!



  1. Sorting is the foundation for mathematics! :) Great blog Deb!

  2. Very good point Nicole! Thank you for visiting my blog!

  3. Looks like you've had a very busy week! I love your blog... so many ideas in a week! We'll follow along :)

  4. Thank you for your visit and kind words Daysinwiththekids! I'm really enjoying my new blog and I'm just so excited to share my ideas!