Saturday, January 19, 2013

From Trash To Treasure: Upcycling Juice Containers Into Toddler Activities

Sorting Craft Sticks & Pom Poms Into Correct Container

It is so inexpensive and easy to create toys for toddlers using recycled items such as juice containers. In the above photo my son was sorting craft sticks and pom poms by pushing them into the correct container. Besides being fun, this activity works on fine motor and critical thinking skills.

Pom Pom Drop

Of course for younger children, simply setting up an invitation to play with pom poms and an empty juice container on the floor is just as exciting. My son loved pushing the pom poms into the hole and seeing it drop to the bottom. This was his absolute favorite activity that kept him busy for months and months! Hours of entertainment and fine motor skill building for the cost of a bag of pom poms.

Straw Drop

Any item that will fit into the top of the juice container makes for a great activity. My son loved pushing large straws through the opening just as much as the pom poms.
Other items that we have used to drop into juice containers include clothes pins, markers, and colorful pipe cleaners.

Ribbon Stuffing Activity

Another option is to set up an invitation to play with ribbon and a juice container. The child simply stuffs the ribbon into the container. This activity also works on fine motor skills. This is another inexpensive idea that will keep your toddler busy for the cost of some ribbon in the clearance section at Michaels craft store. Another option for this stuffing activity would be to use long feathers.


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  1. Cute! My toddler LOVES stuffing things into bottles or whatever. Thanks for the idea!