Thursday, March 28, 2013

Toddler Number Matching Activity

I recently noticed that my son was starting to show interest in numbers. I decided to use a cupcake tray with numbered liners (using number stickers) as a basic introduction to number recognition. In a small bowl I placed the numbers 1-6 for him to match into the correct number spot. He picked up on the concept of number matching right away and this became a fun learning activity. I was really surprised by how well he was able to say some numbers and match them on his own.

Here he is in action:

This activity was adapted from another math activity on counting:
Check out my blog post on this too:

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  1. What a good idea using the baking tray.

    We have a special focus this week on maths and number posts at the Empty Your Archive link party, and I would absolutely love for you to link this up, Alice @ Mums Make Lists x