Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Squishy Sensory Bag Fun

Have you ever created a Squishy Sensory Bag?
They are so much fun! Squishy bags provide a great multi-sensory experience for children to enjoy. It is so easy to make one and the possibilities are endless in terms of what types of bags can be made.
Here is how we made ours: 
I went to CVS Pharmacy the other day and purchased all of the items to make this bag for my son. I started with a large zip-lock bag. The "squishy" part of the bag is simply inexpensive hair gel. I added gold, silver, and green glitter to the gel to make it shine. Next I added small frogs, snakes, and lizards to the bag. I sealed up the bag and used colorful masking tape around each side of the bag to prevent any leaks. I taped the bag to the glass sliding door we have in our house and my son started to play with it immediately. My son loves his squishy bag!
***Helpful tip- Simply use nail polish remover on a tissue to wipe away the zip-lock logo on the plastic bag! Works perfectly!***

  My son was so excited to play with his squishy bag the next day:

The types of squishy bags to create are endless! I will definitely be making more for my son to enjoy. This is a great go-to activity in our house, especially on days the weather isn't so wonderful. Have children create the bags with you for an even more exciting experience. Try the bags on a light table too. So much fun!


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  1. What a great idea! I´m a spanish teacher and I know that my 3 years -old students will love it. Thakyou for sharing.