Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Spring / Easter Sensory Bin: Learning Colors & Sorting

Happy Spring! 
What's Inside?
I went to the Dollar Tree and purchased plastic eggs, flower gems, and jelly beans for this bin. My son was given the wind up chick and bunny as a gift and I thought they would be perfect to put into this bin as well. I placed green tissue paper beneath the jelly beans and flower gems to give a green grass effect.

Play & Learn
While exploring this exciting bin with his hands, my son was able to sort jelly beans and flower gems by color into the correct egg. This is great practice with learning colors, sorting, and fine motor skills. My son also loves to shake the eggs like maracas and listen to the noise when they are filled. So much fun! 

Pointing out the yellow egg:

Searching for and finding the purple jelly bean to put into the purple egg:
Each egg is labeled so my son can start to recognize color names:
My son also sorted the flower gems from the bin into the correct egg color:
Here he is sorting:
My son had so much fun with his new sensory bin!
He kept exploring the eggs by opening and closing them:
We are so excited to finally welcome Spring! This Spring / Easter sensory bin was so much fun and very inexpensive to create. There is so much for my son to explore and learn from this bin!

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  1. Another great idea to do with clearance plastic eggs!

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