Monday, September 2, 2013

Build & Read Words On The Refrigerator

Here is a great DIY hands-on learning activity for children who are ready to build and read words. To set up this activity, I used Melissa & Doug magnetic letters and I took apart a book that I purchased at TJ Maxx. I set this activity up in our kitchen and surprised my son.
Here is the book we used:
I first demonstrated how to complete the activity:
Then, I set up a new word for him to try:
He did it! Then he told me each letter that makes up the word 'cow':
He couldn't wait to put up the next word:
Done! So proud of himself:

The result:
When he was done, I set up the next word for whenever he wanted to try again:
If you want to save money on this activity, or if you just can't find a book like this, you could create your own word and picture pages. Simply write down each word and draw a picture of each object:

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