Friday, June 21, 2013

DIY Number Activity - Counting & Ordering Numbers 1-15

Here is another great learning activity using those DIY number blocks I featured in a previous blog post. (Build a number tower : )
This time, I made 5 more blocks to teach my son how to count up to 15 while placing the blocks in numerical order. I used a plastic egg tray from the dollar store and put a tupperware bowl in the center. I filled the center bowl with blocks numbered 1-15 for my son to place in numerical around the tray. The numbers are foam stickers that easily adhere to the wooden blocks. He had a great time playing and learning with this activity. He loved the way the numbers looked when we were finished!
My son made a connection when he got to the number fourteen.
He noticed that the number fourteen had a four in it and he was amazed!
All done! 

 Yay! So happy and proud of his work!


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