Friday, May 24, 2013

Number Tower - Learn To Count & Order Numbers While Building!

I created this activity because my son is starting to learn how to count to ten. I want him to be able to recognize each number as he counts. This activity was so easy and inexpensive to create.

Here is what I used... 
We had the block set and I found the glitter foam stickers at Walmart.
I set this activity up by lining up the numbered blocks 2-10 on the tray and standing up the block for #1. Since my son is still learning the order and name of numbers, I lined them up in number order to make this activity a little easier. I sat with him and helped him build the number tower. It was so much fun! It was exciting for him to see if the tower was going to fall over as we kept building.

My son loves this activity! He went right to play with it the following day.
Once the tower was up, my son wanted to blow it down!

This is such a fun and engaging learning experience for toddlers. It is super easy to create and it has such a great educational value. Stay tuned for A-Z interlocking blocks in a later blog post!


  1. So awesome!! I need to try this with my toddler. Pinning! :)

  2. Lovely! So easy to put together. Pinning it :)

  3. What a lovely idea and easy to put together as well. Thank you for sharing. Pinning.

  4. I love this! I will have to make this for my son :)

  5. great idea--think I will put one number each along the top of the cookie sheet for them to match the block with the number as well..thanx for sharing